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April 21, 2020
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Salcedo agreed to forfeit $200,000, the sum he pocketed from two families whose children were admitted to UCLA as phony soccer players, prosecutors have alleged.
The United Auto Workers union endorses Joe Biden over President Trump, citing a need for stable leadership and worker protections.
Conspiracy theories linking new 5G mobile networks and the coronavirus pandemic are fueling arson attacks on cell towers in Europe,
“We have weathered many storms. ... But we don’t know that we can weather the COVID-19 storm,” says a new GoFundMe page for California’s beloved Amoeba Music.
A local poet and lifelong environmental activist, MacAdams dedicated his life to restoring the Los Angeles River.
Star Taraji P. Henson and showrunner Brett Mahoney reflect on six seasons of “Empire” — and how the coronavirus outbreak changed plans for its finale.
Unlike in most other developed countries, drug companies in the United States are allowed to charge whatever they want for prescription medicine, often basing price on the “benefit” to patients.
Postponing the Summer Games until 2021 because of the coronavirus could cost as much as $6 billion. It is unclear who will foot the bill.
The Chargers unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday morning. They feature numbers on the helmet, larger bolts and updated fonts.
“Better Call Saul” actor Tony Dalton, who plays charming villain Lalo Salamanca, breaks down his role in the “Breaking Bad” spin-off’s Season 5 finale.
Literary editor Robert Loomis, whose authors included William Styron and Maya Angelou, has died at 93.
In Rufi Thorpe’s novel, a poor, closeted teenager befriends a wealthy girl, until an act of violence lays their class distinctions bare.
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Which positions, schools and conferences were selected most? Which position dropped off most after the top 10? How many guys who go by initials were picked?
Dr. Anthony Fauci says potential plans to play MLB games in locations away from fans is “better than nothing” during the coronavirus outbreak.
The lawsuit against MLB and partners seeks class action certification and demands refund of ticket costs and ancillary fees for games that have not been played.
The secret to cooking salmon to get an extra-crispy skin? Don’t touch it.
This aperol spritz recipe uses sparkling rose wine instead of plain prosecco and includes fresh citrus juice for a refreshing bubbly pink cocktail.
It’s time to stop wringing your hands over COVID-19: Plant some food and create your own victory garden. Here are eight steps to get started.
At least seven in Milwaukee apparently contracted the coronavirus by participating in the April 7 Wisconsin election, held despite stay-at-home orders.
Two former members of Syria’s secret police will go on trial in Germany charged with crimes against humanity.
More than a million U.S. citizens have been blocked from receiving stimulus checks because their immigrant spouses don’t have Social Security numbers.
While Indonesia’s neighbors scrambled to fight the coronavirus, officials in the world’s fourth most populous nation insisted everything was fine.
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